Programs and Languages


Walking List
An interactive list used by political candidates when campaigning door to door. It shows each resident's name, address, and voting history. The list allows the candidate to rate the encounter on a scale from -2 to 2 and add comments about that encounter if they wish. The site is coded in HTML and PHP and accesses a database on the back end.

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A simple multithreaded web-crawler written in Python used for mapping websites. It gathers together all of the links that the website links to and stores it in a text file. I created this because I was looking for a free crawler without a limitation on the number of links it could crawl and I couldn't find a good one. This is my first project in Python.

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Travel Agency Mobile App
A mobile application that would be used by a travel agency. It keeps track of the agents in the agency and their sales, dates of sales and trip information, etc. It supports adding agents and sales, deleting agents and sales, and updating sales. The site is coded in HTML, AngularJS, has PHP server-side APIs, and accesses a database on the back end.

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Coding Websites

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