# Welcome! Hi, I'm Jayson Nutt. I'm a [cyber security professional](https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaysonnutt/) and avid learner. I've spent my career defending enterprise networks, hardening government information systems, acting as a cyber security advisor, developing bleeding-edge cyber capabilities in the research and academia space, and overall improving network infrastructure as a network engineer. I started this website many years ago with the intention of having more control over my digital presence. I wanted to lay claim my little part of the internet where I am free to create and express myself as I please with full control over the contents. Today, this site acts as a central repository for things that I think about, learn about, and want to share with the world. ## Where To Begin Anywhere you want! This site is a digital representation of my brain. Use the built-in search engine to dig through it! The interactive graph appears on every page and allows you to visualize and navigate to other pages that link to the current page. This site is loosely based on the idea of [[Digital Garden|Digital Gardens]], which lends itself to more of a wiki or "play space" style rather than a chronological well-structured and well-thought-out personal website. The experience is more exploratory than it is guided. Adventure awaits! *Note: This site is ever-evolving as I come across new information and new topics to explore. If the topic you're interested in is not here yet, check back later as it very well may be added. Note also that the information on this site is considered in-progress and should not be dogmatically accepted as ground truth, and this is intended design.*